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The Leaf
The Inflorescence
The Root System
Germination & Establishment Phase
Tillering Phase
Grand Growth Phase
Ripening & Maturation Phase
Practical Implications
Improved Varieties
Land Preparation
Planting Material
Planting Time
Germination Irrigation
Weed Management
Irrigation Water Management
Earthing Up
Removal of Water Shoots
Harvesting Management
Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms
Pests & Diseases
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Numerous books and documents have been written and published about the sugarcane crop, documenting cultivation practices associated with its culture. A vast majority of these describing agronomic practices are adequate in written text, but are inadequate in directing the reader about field practical skills in growing sugarcane.


To be viable and competitive, sugarcane growers face many challenges. These require significant economic and social restructuring and the adoption of new, complex and high-risk technologies. The main prerequisites for these decisions are the availability of high quality, timely and relevant information.


More than ever, sugarcane farmers, cane department officials of sugar factories, technicians, extension workers, students, consultants, bank officials, teachers and research scientists need to understand the whys and how's of modern sugarcane production with drip irrigation.


But recommendations given to farmers often do not answer questions such as growing method, drip system guidelines, how to increase the efficiency of water use and applied fertilizer through fertigation, how to lessen the chance of lodging etc. This is why there is a wide gap between the potential and actual productivities in most sugarcane growing regions of the world.


Producing this information was a challenge for Netafim ACS, Israel. The existing information system on drip irrigated sugarcane crop lacks adaptability to local conditions, completeness, quality, easy access and regular updating. Over the last 45 years Netafim has developed many crop growing manuals to address these deficiencies. This has culminated in this new series of growing guide on web pages.

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