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Germination and Establishment Phase
  • The germination phase is from planting to the completion of germination of buds.
  • Under field conditions germination starts from 7 to 10 days and usually lasts for about 30-35 days.
  • In sugarcane, germination denotes activation and subsequent sprouting of the vegetative bud.
  • The germination of bud is influenced by the external as well as internal factors.
  • The external factors are the soil moisture, soil temperature and aeration.
  • The internal factors are the bud health, sett moisture, sett reducing sugar content and sett nutrient status.
  • Optimum temperature for sprouting is around 28o-30oc .Base temperature for germination is about 12o. Warm, moist soil ensures rapid germination.
  • Germination results in an increased respiration and hence good soil aeration are important.
  • Therefore open structured porous soils facilitate better germination.
  • Under field conditions, about 60 per cent germination can be considered safe for raising a satisfactory crop.
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